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Luc Goulet: The Leverage Guy

Luc has enjoyed great success in every sphere of his life and is now devoted to helping trigger positive evolution for Individuals, Businesses and Foundations, and Society.

From the moment Luc learned how to reprogram his mind at fourteen and got rid of a very heavy stutter in less than three months, he understood how to create his dream life.
Luc joined the family business (Panda Shoes) after college at nineteen, with his brother and sister, they took the business to another level. From just a few stores in Quebec, they franchised across Canada. At 23, Luc had already opened 26 stores from coast to coast. In 2000, the Panda chain counted over 75 stores. Luc was in charge of operations and training franchisees and staff. Panda has won countless awards for best customer service in its category. In 2017, Panda received a “Life Time Achievement Award” by the Retail Council of Quebec (CQCD).

He sold his shares to his partners at 35, to become a full-time dad and husband, and live his passions, while earning his MBA, building a fast growing real estate company, volunteering, and helping businesses of all sizes.
Luc is now embarking in a great journey that started with his first book “The Big Bang Project – Creating Humanity’s Best Case Scenario”. Enjoying fantastic reviews, Luc is now putting the ideas put forth in his work into action. He is now completing his third book “Leverage Your Business”, after just finishing his second book “Leverage Your Mind”.

Living what Luc calls “my soul’s bucket list”, his life purpose and ambitious mission is to help, with others, trigger our next phase of evolution. He is now devoted in helping people who want to help themselves and others. This includes individuals, local and regional businesses, and all positive forces, such as foundations, Chamber of Commerce, church groups, mayors and local politicians.

Luc's Vision

“A Better Me for a Better We, and a Better We for a Better Me”. Society is made of individuals… By empowering people, we create a better society. By helping businesses and all positive contributors we empower communities. By empowering communities we strengthen our country, we then inspire the world for positive change.

The Mission

From Self-Empowerment, to Local Commitment, for a Global Impact”. My mission is to give the tools for people to thrive, to give businesses and all types of organisations new ideas and the best knowledge and plan available. Finally, we must take this historical opportunity to put forth positive ideas to make our country and the world better.


Luc believes in the power of uniting with like-minded people and professionals for a greater impact. So, he is creating his ever growing “Dream Team” of renowned experts and mentors in many different fields to join forces on three fronts:

1- Leverage Your Mind – The Next Phase of Self-Empowerment:
2- Leverage Your Business; www.
3- Social Leverage: Leverage Our Social Potential from Local Commitment to Global Impact;

The process of positive transformation is possible thanks to Luc’s unique and simple “3R For Success” approach:
1- Recognize; recognize what you want to change, learn the best methods and key factors of success
2- Reset: reset your mindset, create the perfect strategy
3- Reinvent: reinvent through action, execute the perfect plan

“Thank you for opening your mind to new possibilities, and for being part of the solution.”
Luc Goulet
The Leverage Guy


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The Leverage Your Mind Event.

For the first time ever, you will learn to reprogram at will to overcome any challenge! Luc offers a complete toolbox of proven methods that work. You will learn to disregard all the negativity that’s holding you back from true fulfillment.

A team of professional experts will share how to use meditation, visualisation, power programming, and magnetism - peak performance secrets taught to elite athletes - and a complete set of different techniques to become the mastermind of your life.

Just like an ultimate fighter who has mastered all the fighting techniques, you will be able to use the perfect method to realize your dreams and overcome any challenge. Leverage your Mind mobilizes you to take action and create your dream life, and to enjoy instant results.

The New Book: "Leverage Your Mind"

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